Uriel Tours and Travel started in 2018. We offer great tour packages across Africa and we are ranked highly by our esteemed customers. We have many awesome detailed safari itineraries where you can choose whilst you enjoy the reliability, quality and value.

We are a fully registered company with the Uganda Registration Services Bereau. Registration Number: 80020002009060.

Over these years in the tourism industry, we have maintained a solid working relationship with other players in the field across the east African region. This has enabled us offer most competitive safari packages in the region. Our team has enhanced quality experience and is committed to offering the best service in the tour industry. We have always maintained passion, commitment and integrity in services delivery for many years we have been in this industry.

Our Mission

Through travel, we connect people to positive experiences enabling them see endless Discoveries allover the world.

Our Vision

To create a world, where everyone is encouraged to travel. "Traveling is another name of freedom"

Our Objectives

Aim for positive
Integrity, do what is right
Quality; it always wins
Encourage growth
Lead by example
Value every relationship
Take pride in what you do
Back yourself
Encourage inclusivity
Be approachable
Community is key