Batwa Pygmy Cultural Experience in Uganda
The Batwa Pygmy Experience is one of the Cultural experiences that you should never miss out when you come for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. The Batwa are like the owners of the gorillas because they lived with them and they know much more about the mountain gorillas in Uganda than anyone in this world.

Before Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park was reserved for the conservation of Mountain gorillas and other wildlife in Uganda, Bwindi Forest national park was also a home for the Batwa Pygmies who you should call the original dwellers ad keepers of Bwindi forest. They lived along with the mountain gorillas both depending on Bwindi forest for survival until 1993 when Bwindi Forests was gazetted at a national park and the park authorities begun to relocate the Batwa pygmies form the forest to the nearby towns and communities.

Before 1993, the pygmies lived a real African traditional life. They survived form the resources in Bwindi rainforest by hunting with their spears and arrows and also gathering forest fruits for food. Their only treatment was the use of harnessed honey and medicine from shrubs. They would make shelter using climbing plants, trees and leaves from the forest.

The Batwa never ate or killed mountain gorillas and up to now, no Ugandan tribe eats gorillas. They would not kill animals they would not eat and the gorillas are not a threat to their lives. We can therefore say that the Batwa Pygmies lived in harmony with the mountain gorillas, the forest itself, birds and other animals in Bwindi forest.

When they were evicted from Bwindi forest, their life changed because they had no land, they were not used to the new life. The Batwa pygmies are now living an endangered life but with their authentic culture and knowledge which you should experience when you come for a Uganda gorilla trekking safari.