Zip Lining in Mabira Forest is the first of its kind in Uganda. It is simply a canopy super sky way that sends you to soar between tallest tree canopy in Mabira forest.

Mabira Forest is found about 44 km in the eastern side of Kampala City at the Griffin falls camp outside Lugazi town. The Mabira rain forest zip lining experience is the best in east Africa and it is run by a team of professional and experienced personnel to enable visitors enjoy a remarkable zip lining experience on their Africa safari holiday in Uganda.

There is a team of professional sky captains who make sure you are very safe while you enjoy the zip line experience and utilise this unmatched opportunity to experience the bird`s eye view of the lively Mabira forest. Be assured of having fun whether you’re in a group or an individual, all you need to do is to avail yourself for the zip lining experience in Uganda on your Uganda safari holiday.

The sky captains will lead you through a network of 5 zip lines which stretch 250metres across river Musamya. They employ strict international safety standards by using art high ropes and imported climbing gears from America. The ropes are repelled on a 78m diagonal zip and the zip liners are belayed up the first tree.

What you get to see

You will be able to enjoy the scenery of African mammals, grey checked Mangabeys, red tailed monkeys and of course the forest layers among bird species such as African fish eagles, great blue turaco, palm nut vultures and the roaring Griffin falls which will leave you with the lifetime memories of your African safari holiday experience.

After zip lining, you can hike back to the beautiful Griffin falls camp for mountain biking, meals accommodation. 

Zip-lining is among the single day safari activities you can add to your Africa safari holiday in Uganda with a maximum of 4 hours of remarkable Zip lining experience in Mabira Forest. 

Have you ever thought of the most fascinating thing that primates and birds find on the forest canopy, visit Mabira forest in Uganda which is a pioneer in canopy exploration with trees of more than 100 feet above the floor of the jungle and thick branches which serve as platforms for adventurous travellers. Have you forgotten that 90% of Uganda’s primates and bird species in rainforests live in tree canopies and certainly you would want your head up on the top of the tree canopy to look around and experience the unforgotten scenery.

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